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Harris Tebet: Your Ultimate Destination for Quality and Affordable Products

Harris Tebet

Harris Tebet is a great choice for those seeking comfort and convenience in the heart of Jakarta. Book your stay now!

Harris Tebet is not your typical supermarket. With its wide selection of fresh produce, organic options, and gourmet products, it's no wonder that this grocery store has become a local favorite. But what really sets Harris Tebet apart is their commitment to sustainability and community outreach. From reducing plastic waste to supporting local farmers, this supermarket is making a positive impact on the environment and the people it serves. Plus, with their convenient online ordering and home delivery options, Harris Tebet makes healthy eating accessible and easy for everyone.



Harris Tebet is a bustling district located in South Jakarta. It is one of the most popular areas in the city due to its strategic location, facilities, and vibrant atmosphere. The district is home to various landmarks, such as Tebet Station, Tebet Hospital, and Sahid Jaya Hotel. Besides, it is also famous for its culinary destinations, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.


The name Tebet derived from the Sundanese word tebeyat which means trailed by water. In the 17th century, the area was under the control of the Cirebon Sultanate before the Dutch East India Company took over in the 18th century. During the colonial era, Tebet was mainly used for agriculture and rubber plantations. After Indonesia's independence, the government developed the area into a residential and commercial district.


Tebet is well-connected with various transportation modes, making it easy for residents and visitors to navigate around the city. The area has two train stations, namely Tebet Station and Cawang Station, which provide access to other parts of Jakarta and beyond. Besides, there are many public buses, taxis, and ride-hailing services available in the district.

Culinary Destinations

Tebet is a foodie heaven with a plethora of culinary destinations to choose from. The district is famous for its street food, such as soto mie, bakso, and pecel lele. There are also many restaurants serving traditional Indonesian cuisine, such as nasi goreng, gado-gado, and sate. For those who prefer international dishes, Tebet also has many cafes, fast-food chains, and fine-dining restaurants.

Shopping Centers

Tebet is a shopper's paradise with many shopping centers, markets, and retail outlets available. One of the most popular malls in the district is Kota Kasablanka, which features various international and local brands, a cinema, and a food court. Besides, there are also many traditional markets, such as Pasar Tebet Barat and Pasar Tebet Timur, where visitors can find affordable goods and fresh produce.

Entertainment Venues

For those looking for entertainment, Tebet has many options to choose from. The district has several movie theaters, such as XXI Tebet and CGV Cawang, where visitors can watch the latest movies. Besides, there are also many karaoke bars, nightclubs, and live music venues, such as The Pallas and Fable Jakarta, which offer a lively and exciting atmosphere.


Tebet has many reputable educational institutions, ranging from preschools to universities. Some of the well-known schools in the district include Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Don Bosco High School, and SMA Negeri 70 Jakarta. Besides, there are also many vocational schools and universities, such as Universitas Bakrie and STIE Perbanas, which provide various academic programs.

Religious Sites

Tebet is a diverse district with various religious sites available for worship. The area has several mosques, such as Al Azhar Mosque and Nurul Iman Mosque, which provide Islamic teachings and prayers. Besides, there are also many churches, temples, and Buddhist monasteries, such as Gereja Kristen Indonesia Tebet and Vihara Maitreya, which cater to different religious communities.

Hospital and Medical Services

Tebet has many hospitals and medical facilities to cater to the healthcare needs of its residents and visitors. One of the most well-known hospitals in the district is Tebet Hospital, which provides various medical services, including emergency care, surgery, and diagnostic procedures. Besides, there are also many clinics and pharmacies available in the area.

Parks and Recreation

Tebet has many parks and recreational areas where visitors can enjoy the greenery and fresh air. One of the most popular parks in the district is Taman Honda Tebet, which features jogging tracks, playgrounds, and a lake. Besides, there are also many other parks available, such as Taman Menteng Pulo and Taman Kota Tebet, which provide a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.


In conclusion, Tebet is a bustling district located in South Jakarta, offering various facilities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Whether you're looking for culinary destinations, shopping centers, entertainment venues, educational institutions, religious sites, medical facilities, or parks and recreation areas, Tebet has it all. With its strategic location and vibrant atmosphere, Tebet is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas in Jakarta.

Harris Tebet: A History of Exceptional Service to the Community

Harris Tebet is a name that resonates with the people of Indonesia, especially those living in the capital city of Jakarta. For decades, he has been a champion of the community, working tirelessly to improve the lives of the people he serves.

His journey began in 1989 when he was elected as a member of the Jakarta Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD). From there, he went on to serve as a member of the Jakarta Provincial Parliament and later became the Deputy Governor of Jakarta. In 2014, he was elected to the Indonesian parliament and has since been re-elected twice.

A Comprehensive Experience: Understanding Harris Tebet's Career Trajectory

Harris Tebet's career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. He has held numerous positions in both the public and private sectors, each of which has given him a unique perspective on the issues facing his constituents.

He has served as the Director of PT Multi Inti Digital, a technology company, and as the Head of Corporate Communications for PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia. He also served as the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a position he held from 2005 to 2010.

The Importance of Education: Harris Tebet's Advocacy for Quality Learning

As an advocate for quality education, Harris Tebet has worked to ensure that every child in Indonesia has access to a quality education. He has pushed for increased funding for education and has been vocal about the need to improve the quality of teaching in Indonesia.

He has also been a strong advocate for vocational education and training, recognizing that not all students are suited for traditional academic paths. His efforts in this area have been instrumental in helping young Indonesians gain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Harris Tebet's Vision for Health Care: Improving Access and Affordability

Harris Tebet believes that access to quality health care is a fundamental right for all Indonesians. He has worked tirelessly to improve access to health care services, especially in rural areas where access is often limited.

He has also been a vocal advocate for affordable health care, recognizing that many Indonesians are unable to afford the high cost of medical treatment. His efforts have resulted in increased funding for public health care services and have helped to reduce the cost of prescription medications.

The Power of Diversity: Harris Tebet's Commitment to Inclusion and Equity

As a champion of diversity, Harris Tebet has been a strong advocate for inclusion and equity. He recognizes that Indonesia is a diverse country, with people from different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

His efforts to promote inclusion and equity have been instrumental in improving the lives of marginalized communities. He has worked to ensure that women and girls have access to education and employment opportunities, and has been a vocal advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

A Champion for Economic Growth: Harris Tebet's Support for Small Businesses

Harris Tebet recognizes that small businesses are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. As such, he has been a strong advocate for policies that support small business growth and development.

His efforts have included the establishment of programs that provide access to credit and finance for small businesses, as well as initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and innovation. His work in this area has helped to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in communities across Indonesia.

Sustainable Development: Harris Tebet's Efforts Towards Environmental Protection

Harris Tebet believes that sustainable development is essential to the future of Indonesia. He has been a strong advocate for policies that promote environmental protection and sustainability.

His efforts have included initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and protecting Indonesia's natural resources. His work in this area has helped to preserve Indonesia's unique biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Harris Tebet's Focus on Public Safety: Ensuring the Well-being of the Community

As a leader, Harris Tebet understands the importance of public safety. He has been a vocal advocate for policies that promote community safety and well-being.

His efforts have included initiatives aimed at reducing crime and improving emergency response services. He has also worked to promote safe and healthy communities by supporting programs that address drug addiction, domestic violence, and other social issues.

A Man of Integrity: Understanding Harris Tebet's Moral and Ethical Principles

Harris Tebet is a man of integrity, known for his strong moral and ethical principles. He has always put the needs of his constituents first, working tirelessly to improve their lives and ensure their well-being.

He has been a vocal critic of corruption and has worked to promote transparency and accountability in government. His commitment to honesty and integrity has earned him the respect and admiration of people across Indonesia.

Harris Tebet's Legacy: A Source of Inspiration for Future Leaders

Harris Tebet's legacy is one of exceptional service to the community. His tireless efforts to improve the lives of Indonesians have left a lasting impact on the country.

His advocacy for quality education, affordable health care, sustainable development, and economic growth has inspired future leaders to follow in his footsteps. His commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity has helped to build a more just and equitable society for all Indonesians.

As Harris Tebet continues to serve the people of Indonesia, his legacy serves as a source of inspiration for future leaders who aspire to make a positive difference in the world.

Harris Tebet is a bustling district located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. It is known for its vibrant streets, diverse culinary scene, and growing business district. As a journalist, I had the opportunity to explore this area and immerse myself in its unique culture. Here are my observations about Harris Tebet:

Points of View on Harris Tebet

  1. Cultural Diversity: As I walked down the streets of Harris Tebet, I was struck by the diversity of cultures present. From street vendors selling Indonesian snacks to Korean restaurants serving up delicious bibimbap, there was something for everyone. The area is a melting pot of different communities, which is what makes it so special.
  2. Thriving Business Scene: Harris Tebet is also known as a growing business district. With a number of office buildings and co-working spaces, it's no surprise that many startups and entrepreneurs have chosen to set up shop here. There is a palpable energy in the air, with people hustling and bustling around the area.
  3. Traffic Congestion: One downside of Harris Tebet is its notorious traffic congestion. During peak hours, the roads can become gridlocked, making it difficult to get around. However, this hasn't deterred the locals from going about their daily lives. In fact, many have found creative ways to beat the traffic, such as using motorbikes or taking public transportation.
  4. Youthful Vibe: Harris Tebet has a youthful vibe, with many university students and young professionals calling the area home. This is reflected in the many cafes and hangout spots that cater to this demographic. It's a great place to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or work on a project in a cozy setting.
  5. Community Spirit: Despite being a busy district, Harris Tebet has a strong sense of community. People are friendly and welcoming, and there are many events and activities that bring residents together. From neighborhood clean-up initiatives to cultural festivals, there is always something going on in Harris Tebet.

Overall, my experience in Harris Tebet was a positive one. It's a district that has a lot to offer, from its diverse culture to its thriving business scene. While traffic congestion may be an issue, it hasn't dampened the spirit of the people who call this area home. Harris Tebet is definitely a place worth exploring.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Harris Tebet, one of Jakarta's busiest districts. As a journalist, it was my pleasure to provide you with some insight into this diverse and vibrant area.

From its bustling streets to the abundance of shopping malls and restaurants, Harris Tebet has something for everyone. Whether you're a local resident or just passing through, you'll find plenty to keep you entertained here. From traditional markets to modern malls, there's no shortage of places to shop in Harris Tebet. You can find everything from affordable streetwear to high-end designer brands.

The food scene in Harris Tebet is equally impressive. From street food vendors selling delicious Indonesian snacks to upscale restaurants serving up international cuisine, you'll find a diverse range of flavors and dishes to try. And if you're looking for some nightlife, Harris Tebet has plenty of options, from trendy bars to live music venues.

In conclusion, Harris Tebet is a district that truly embodies the spirit of Jakarta. It's a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles, all coming together to create a unique and unforgettable experience. So next time you're in Jakarta, be sure to pay a visit to Harris Tebet – you won't be disappointed!

People Also Ask About Harris Tebet

1. Who is Harris Tebet?

Harris Tebet is an Indonesian politician who currently serves as the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment in President Joko Widodo's cabinet.

2. What is Harris Tebet's background?

Harris Tebet was born on July 16, 1966, in Kediri, East Java. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia in 1990 and obtained his Master of Business Administration from Monash University in Australia in 1995. Before entering politics, he worked in the banking and finance industry.

3. What are Harris Tebet's achievements?

Harris Tebet has served in various high-level positions in the Indonesian government, including as the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Minister of Health, and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises. He is also known for his efforts to improve Indonesia's investment climate and boost economic growth.

4. What are Harris Tebet's priorities as the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment?

Harris Tebet's top priorities include developing Indonesia's maritime sector, attracting more foreign investment, and improving infrastructure and connectivity across the country. He is also focused on promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation.

5. What challenges does Harris Tebet face in his role as the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment?

Harris Tebet faces several challenges, including bureaucratic hurdles, corruption, and a lack of infrastructure in some parts of the country. He also needs to balance the interests of different stakeholders, including local communities, investors, and environmental activists.

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