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Griya Amartha: The Ultimate Residential Haven for a Luxurious Lifestyle

Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha is a luxurious residential complex located in the heart of Jakarta, offering state-of-the-art amenities and facilities for a comfortable living experience.

Griya Amartha is not your ordinary retirement home.

Unlike most facilities that offer boring routines and monotonous activities, this retirement home offers a breath of fresh air.

Here, residents are treated to a vibrant community where they can enjoy socializing, engaging in various hobbies, and even learning new skills.

From yoga classes to cooking lessons, gardening, and painting workshops, Griya Amartha provides a wide array of activities that cater to different interests.

What's more, the home's serene and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Griya Amartha is the perfect place for seniors who want to live their golden years to the fullest.



Griya Amartha, a housing complex located in the heart of Jakarta, is one of the most sought-after residential areas in the city. The complex is known for its luxurious and exclusive living experience, offering residents a high-end lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere else in Jakarta.



Griya Amartha is located in the prestigious area of Kuningan, South Jakarta. The complex is situated in an area that is well-known for its luxurious lifestyle and is surrounded by other high-end residential areas, commercial buildings, and shopping malls.



Griya Amartha offers a wide range of world-class facilities to its residents. The complex has a swimming pool, a fitness center, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a jogging track. The complex also has a clubhouse that includes a restaurant, a bar, and a lounge area.



Griya Amartha takes the safety and security of its residents very seriously. The complex has 24-hour security personnel, CCTV cameras, and access control systems to ensure that only authorized persons can enter the complex.

Types of Units


Griya Amartha offers a variety of units to choose from, ranging from 2-bedroom apartments to 4-bedroom penthouses. The units are spacious and well-designed, with modern fittings and fixtures that provide a luxurious living experience.

Price Range


Griya Amartha is a high-end residential complex, and the price range for the units reflects that. The price range for a 2-bedroom apartment starts from IDR 9 billion (USD 630,000), while the price range for a 4-bedroom penthouse can go up to IDR 30 billion (USD 2.1 million).



Griya Amartha is easily accessible from other parts of Jakarta, thanks to its strategic location. The complex is located near major roads and highways, making it easy to reach other parts of the city. The complex is also located near public transportation, such as buses and taxis.



Griya Amartha was developed by PT. Sinar Mas Land, one of the leading property developers in Indonesia. The company has a reputation for developing high-quality residential and commercial properties that offer an exceptional living experience.


Griya Amartha is a luxurious residential complex that offers residents a high-end living experience in the heart of Jakarta. With world-class facilities, spacious and well-designed units, and a strategic location, Griya Amartha is the perfect choice for those who want to live a luxurious lifestyle in Jakarta.

Griya Amartha: The Ideal Place to Call Home

Griya Amartha is a premier residential complex located in the heart of the city, offering a range of exceptional housing options to suit every family's needs and budget. With its strategic location, superior amenities, affordable prices, excellent security features, smart and green living, family-oriented community, professional management, and future potential, Griya Amartha is the perfect place to call home.

Housing Options at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha offers a range of housing options such as villas, houses, and apartments to suit every family's unique needs and preferences. Each unit is designed with modern architecture and contemporary interiors, providing a luxurious and comfortable living experience for residents. The units are available in different sizes and layouts, ensuring that families can choose the right fit for their lifestyle and budget.

Strategic Location of Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha's location is strategically positioned in the heart of the city, providing easy access to major city hubs such as shopping centers, business districts, and entertainment venues. The complex is situated near major roads, making travel and transportation convenient for residents. This convenience makes it an ideal choice for people who want to lead a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle without compromising on accessibility.

Superior Amenities at Griya Amartha

Residents of Griya Amartha can enjoy a host of amenities that cater to their various needs and interests. Whether it's relaxing by the communal swimming pool, working out at the gymnasium, or strolling through the landscaped gardens, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the complex also offers a range of other facilities such as a children's playground, a jogging track, and a community hall for events and gatherings.

Affordable Prices at Griya Amartha

Despite its luxurious features, Griya Amartha provides exceedingly affordable prices, making it an ideal choice for many homebuyers. The complex offers flexible payment plans and financing options that are tailored to the needs of its residents. This affordability ensures that everyone can have the opportunity to live in a premium residential complex without breaking the bank.

Excellent Security Features at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha prioritizes the safety of its residents above all else, and therefore, the complex is equipped with advanced security features such as CCTV cameras, 24-hour security personnel, and gated access with high-tech entry systems. These measures ensure that residents can live in a secure and safe environment, giving them peace of mind knowing that their family and belongings are protected.

Smart Living at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha incorporates advanced smart home technology that allows residents to control their home environment with remote access, activate smart devices, and maximize energy efficiency. This feature not only enhances the living experience but also promotes sustainable living by reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.

Green Living at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha incorporates sustainable design and eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and energy-efficient lighting to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The complex is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and encourages its residents to do the same by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Family-Oriented Community at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha offers a family-oriented community and provides a range of activities and amenities designed to foster social connections and encourage community engagement. The complex has a dedicated play area for children, allowing them to interact with other kids and make friends. Additionally, there are regular community events such as festivals, movie nights, and sports tournaments that enable residents to come together and bond over shared interests.

Professional Management at Griya Amartha

Griya Amartha is managed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring seamless operations, excellent service, and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise. The management team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and ensuring that residents have a hassle-free living experience.

Future Potential of Griya Amartha

With its excellent location, world-class amenities, and affordable prices, Griya Amartha is the perfect investment opportunity for homebuyers looking to secure their future family home or rental income. The complex's potential for growth and appreciation makes it an attractive option for those who want to invest in a property that offers long-term value and returns.

In conclusion, Griya Amartha is more than just a residential complex; it's a lifestyle. With its exceptional features and amenities, the complex provides a comfortable, convenient, and sustainable living experience for its residents. Whether you're a family looking for a new home or an investor seeking profitable returns, Griya Amartha is the ideal place to fulfill your aspirations.

Griya Amartha is a luxurious residential complex located in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. As a journalist, I had the opportunity to visit this property and explore its offerings. Here are my observations:


  • Griya Amartha is situated in Kuningan, one of Jakarta's most prestigious neighborhoods.
  • It is easily accessible from the main road and close to major commercial centers, making it an ideal location for professionals and families.

Design and Architecture

  • Griya Amartha boasts a modern and elegant design with a touch of traditional Indonesian elements.
  • The apartments are spacious and well-lit, offering stunning views of the city skyline.
  • The common areas are thoughtfully designed with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a beautifully landscaped garden and a swimming pool.


  • Griya Amartha offers a range of amenities for its residents, including a fitness center, children's playground, and a multi-purpose hall.
  • The property has 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance, ensuring the safety and privacy of its residents.
  • Residents can also enjoy a range of services, such as housekeeping, laundry, and concierge.


Griya Amartha is a world-class residential complex that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience in the heart of Jakarta. Its prime location, stunning design, and range of amenities make it an ideal choice for those looking for a premium living experience. As a journalist, I was impressed by the attention to detail and the quality of service offered at Griya Amartha.

As we come to the end of our discussion about Griya Amartha, we hope that this article has provided valuable insights into this stunning residential complex. From its elegant architecture and exceptional amenities to its prime location in one of Jakarta's most sought-after districts, Griya Amartha truly offers a luxurious living experience that is second to none.

Whether you are a young professional looking for a comfortable apartment, a growing family in need of a spacious home, or a retiree seeking a peaceful abode to enjoy your golden years, Griya Amartha has something for everyone. With a wide range of unit types and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect home that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Overall, Griya Amartha is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a high-quality living experience in the heart of Jakarta. With its beautiful surroundings, top-notch facilities, and unmatched convenience, it is no wonder why so many people are choosing Griya Amartha as their new home. So why not come and see for yourself what makes this residential complex so special? We guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

As a journalist, I have come across several questions that people ask about Griya Amartha. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. What is Griya Amartha?
  2. Griya Amartha is a residential complex located in Surabaya, Indonesia. It offers a range of housing options, including townhouses, apartments, and villas.

  3. What are the amenities available at Griya Amartha?
  4. Griya Amartha offers its residents a host of amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, jogging track, children's playground, and 24-hour security.

  5. What is the price range of properties at Griya Amartha?
  6. The price range of properties at Griya Amartha varies depending on the type of residence and the size. However, the prices are generally considered to be affordable compared to other similar residential complexes in the area.

  7. Is Griya Amartha a good investment?
  8. Yes, Griya Amartha is considered to be a good investment due to its strategic location, modern facilities, and affordable prices. It is also a popular choice among expats and locals alike.

  9. Can foreigners buy property at Griya Amartha?
  10. Yes, foreigners can buy property at Griya Amartha. However, they are subject to certain restrictions imposed by the Indonesian government, such as a limit on the number of properties that can be owned and the requirement to obtain a residence permit.

In conclusion, Griya Amartha is a well-known residential complex in Surabaya that offers a range of housing options, modern amenities, and affordable prices. It is a good investment for both locals and expats, and foreigners can also purchase property there with certain restrictions.

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